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Keep a regular training schedule with daily and/or weekly sessions both private and in groups with Swordsman Xia of WSA.

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Bring one of the Wudang Swordsmen into your town–or classroom–for workshops, seminars, clinics, guest instruction, and lectures.

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Partner Schools

Become part of the WSA family and offer Tai Chi, Sword, Kung Fu, Meditation, or Qigong at your facility through our programs.

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Cultivate the Three Treasures

  • Body

    Jing (Action)

    Heal, strengthen, and cultivate a healthy body for a long and enjoyable life. Good wine is...

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  • Energy

    Qi (Effort)

    The vitality of youth and the prowess of a warrior are cultivated through refining breath and...

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  • Spirit

    Shen (Intent)

    Refining the spirit leads to healthy thoughts, actions, and a broader awareness of being. Guiding...

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Our Arts

The Wudang arts are vast and diverse. All our arts focus on the longevity of the body both in self-defense and self-maintainance.

Five Elements of Wudang Boxing

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Introducing Wudang Mountain

The Wudang Mountains are the apex of Daoist Martial Arts and a variety of health and longevity practices.